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Public Sector Frameworks Database

Are Public Sector Frameworks important to your business?

Can you answer yes to the following questions?

  • Do you know how every Public Sector body in your geographical area of the UK procures building contractors and building consultants?
  • Do you know about the nearly 15,500 Public Sector Frameworks in the UK? Are you on the ones you want to be on?
  • Do you have 18 months notice, prior to any of the nearly 15,500 Public Sector Framework Opportunities in the UK coming out on OJEU, over the next three years? Or are you always bidding (and losing) to “cold clients?”
  • Do you know how many frameworks your company is on, when they expire and when you should be renewing them?
  • Do you know what frameworks your competitors are on, or the contractors or consultants that you want to work with?

If you answered NO to any of the above –

Then you need the Public Sector Frameworks Database which covers:

  • Start & End Dates, & Extension periods
  • Intended Values
  • Contact details of person named on the OJEU
  • Names of Incumbents
  • Split into sectors, services and geographical areas
  • Consultants and Contractors Frameworks

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